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Preventative Dentistry in Richton Park, IL
Dr. Lawal Garuba

Routine Dental Exams in Richton Park, IL - Sauk Trail Dental CareMost patients should visit our dental office twice a year for check-ups, once every six months. These visits are crucial, as they provide Dr. G with the chance to examine your mouth for current problems or possible future issues. If we’re able to catch a problem early on, we can often address the issue before it becomes more complex and costly.

We use a variety of techniques to analyze your oral health at Sauk Trail Dental Care, including dental x-rays. Of course, Dr. G’s experience and training also allow him to detect signs of decay, gum disease, structural issues, and other concerns. He can then recommend treatments to correct any problems.

Our practice is happy to see patients from children to seniors. We also conduct dental school exams for kids. Call us today at (708) 608-3368 to schedule your visit.