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Protect Your Teeth from Grinding
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Custom Nightguards in Richton Park, IL - Sauk Trail Dental CareA night guard is a removable dental appliance that protects against the effects of teeth grinding. Nighttime teeth grinding, also called bruxism, is a problem for many patients. Bruxism can wear down or even crack your teeth. Furthermore, chronic teeth grinding can lead to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) – or jaw – problems.

Symptoms of bruxism include awakening with teeth, jaw, or mouth pain or a headache. Signs such as jaw clicking, popping, catching, soreness, or locking may indicate TMJ issues.

A night guard absorbs the pressure of teeth grinding during sleep, protecting your teeth and jaws. The night guards we provide at Sauk Trail Dental Care are not the same as the one-size-fits-all guards from the internet. Instead, we custom fabricate your night guard for your individual mouth, ensuring a proper and comfortable fit.

If you’re experiencing any symptoms of nighttime teeth grinding, please let our dentist in Richton Park know immediately at (708) 608-3368. We’ll help you protect your teeth and jaws with a high-quality, custom night guard.